Metal Edge Design, Austin, TX. Custom CNC plasma cutting and design.


Process & Pricing


The process starts by getting a design request from the client, whether it be supplied by the client (final digital state or sketch), or designed by Metal Edge Design (see digital fee below).

Orders outside of Austin, TX must be paid in full up front before work begins.


Preferred file formats are vector (.AI, .CDR, .DXF, and EPS). .BMP, .PSD, TIFF, JPEG are also accepted but require converting to vector format. Final designs are emailed or faxed to clients for approval before cutting begins. For mass production, there is the added step of sending an actual cut piece to the client for approval before the rest is cut out.


Pricing (depends on these 3 factors):

» Design time/digital prep work of provided files... $55/hr (if required)

» Cutting time and cleanup.

» Size and gauge of metal to be used. (Client may supply their own steel)


All potential jobs get a free estimate before any work begins. $75 min. order.

At this time, only local check or cash.


Hard costs are to be paid up front. Out of town jobs require payment in full up front.